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Lantz/Weaver Consulting
247 West 87th Street
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New York, NY 10024

Phone: 212-787-0721
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Homes often have more technology than offices do: video systems, sound systems, computers, printers, digital cameras, game systems, TiVos, computers and more. Lantz/Weaver Consulting works with families to make everything work, easily and safely. We give our family clients the same high level of service that we give our business clients. In many cases, we assist our clients with their business and home systems, which allows seamless connectivity between the home and the office.

We work with families to make sure that they make the right choices and that all of their home technologies work together and safely. Now that corporate networks are better protected, virus writers, hackers and those who perpetrate computer frauds are targeting home users and their systems more than ever before.

Lantz/Weaver Consulting makes your home systems as secure as the office systems that we manage for companies of all sizes, especially if you are interested in installing a Wi-Fi (wireless) network in your home.

In addition to helping families select and install the right technology we also provide training for users of all ages. Our one-to-one training provides guided tutoring that covers the exact needs of each family member. Our training also makes a terrfic gift if you are buying someone a new computer, or know someone who is finding his or her system difficult to use.


For more information about our services for families, please contact us at:

Lantz/Weaver Consulting, Inc.
247 West 87th Street ยท Suite 24-G
New York, NY 10024

Phone: 212-787-0721 ยท Fax: 212-787-0723