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Lantz/Weaver Consulting
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We help both independent and public schools develop technology implemenations that insure every teacher and student has access to a computer anytime and anywhere, in a manner that dramatically increases learning and that are affordable to both schools and families.

To us, the classroom has always been as important as the boardroom, and we give schools the same dedicated level of service and attention that we give our corporate clients.

Starting in 1996, we worked with Microsoft and a group of innovative public and private schools to break away from the traditional model of computers in the back of the classroom and computer labs. The traditional model was not only very expensive for schools to maintain, but was educationally deficient because:

  • schools were investing large amounts of money to keep a growing number of computers up-to-date and running properly.
  • neither students nor teachers had complete access to the computers when needed during classes.
  • with a limited number of computers, some groups of students tended to monopolize the systems, leaving little access for others.
  • many teachers had insufficient access to become truly comfortable with how computers can benefit education in the classroom and elsewhere.

By completely changing the way that computers are used and funded, we have enabled schools to have a computer for every student and teacher, available as needed in the classroom, outside the classroom and at home. We have even seen entire families transformed through these new approaches.

For more information about our services for schools, please contact us at:

Lantz/Weaver Consulting, Inc.
247 West 87th Street · Suite 24-G
New York, NY 10024

Phone: 212-787-0721 · Fax: 212-787-0723